Being a Psychology Major

Being a psychology major is something I enjoy, with the exception of the statistics classes, which I do NOT enjoy. But I like learning about disorders, and the brain, and why we do the things we do. As someone who has suffered from psychological illnesses (depression, panic attacks, and disordered eating), I find comfort in knowing I’m not “just crazy,” and there’s more to it then “just calm down,” or “try and look at the bright side.” that being said, in a series of research papers and essays my freshman year of college, I decided to ultimately work toward the goal of achieving a Psy.D (a doctorate-level degree in psychology that is more counseling focused vs. a Ph.D which is research focused), and treat eating disorder patients.

I could ramble for hours on why I find them so fascinating, but instead I will switch gears completely and tell you about the reactions I’ve gotten from peers when I’ve told them my major:

-“But how will you get a job?”

-“That’s interesting but you can’t really do anything with it.”

-“I guess you don’t want to make any money.”

-“My parents wouldn’t let me major in that.”

And recently, Jeb Bush, the most irrelevant Bush in my personal opinion, has declared that my major will give me no other option but to work in a Chic-Fil-A. Newsflash, Jeb: The closest chic-fil-a to me is 45 minutes away and I’m not about to make that commute.

Do you know how demoralizing it is to be so excited about something, and have others tear it down? Simple comments that aren’t even meant to be hostile can come across as degrading, or condescending. I can in fact do so many things with my major, and in terms of getting into graduate school; it’s broad enough to give me lots of options. But defending psychology is not the point I’m trying to make here. What’s more important is that we are forgiving and lack judgment. The next time someone tells you they don’t have a minor or double major, just be happy for them that they found something they’re so passionate about they want to put all their energy into it. When somebody tells you they’re a German major, don’t tell them they are irrelevant; congratulate them on finding something they love that makes them extremely dynamic in the job market. As young people, we should not tear each other down because we think our major is better than someone else’s, but be happy that our peers have found their own ways, and made their own plans (many of which we know nothing about so why should we judge in the first place?). Okay, rant over. Study on and BE PROUD of your major!

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