Hashtag Selfie Game

by Hayley Gleason

In recent years, the popularity of the #selfie has really taken a prevalent role in pop culture.  The term “selfie” can be recognized by people of all ages in American Society.  It has become a mainstream phenomenon, broadcasted on every social media website, on television sitcoms, talk shows, and award shows.  But what does this new “Selfie Craze” say about today’s younger generation? 

As you read on, I hope to put the world we live in, into a little perspective… or at least my perspective of why we give into the temptation of taking selfies.  I myself, am a victim of the need/desire to take THE perfect selfie, so in no way am I going to be hypocritical by telling all of you to stop with the selfies because I understand how hard it can be to stop.

People my age have grown up in a world where social media has been embedded into our brains.  We wake up, check Facebook, see who unfollowed or followed us on twitter, browse Insta to see if that cutie we have had our eyes on has double tapped one of our posts (when really we would like to triple tap them in person, if you get what I mean wink wink). 

The fact is, we live and breathe to be connected to people at all times of the day.  We want people to know how awesome our lives are through the tiny lens of our smart phones.  Our biggest fear is choosing the wrong filter.  Our biggest envy is when people don’t need filters.  And when these filter-less people don’t use a filter, they feel the need to share that with a #nofilter…because they are that awesome. 

When we feel that we are having a really good hair day, or the sun is shining just right, we find the need to capture that perfect moment in the form of a perfect selfie, so that everyone can see how really perfect we are.

Makes sense right?

Yet the sad truth behind the “selfie” is that we are all attention seeking, narcissistic human beings desperate for reassurance that we are in fact attractive and perfect people. 

We live in a world where good, is never good enough.  Where big should be bigger.  Thin should be thinner.  We are constantly reminded of the fact that we will never be the “Perfect Person.”  So, how do we deal with this inevitability of never achieving perfection?

We fake it, and take selfies.

Every like a girl gets on a selfie, makes her feel a little less insecure about her looks, and a little more secure that perhaps she is as pretty as Suzie Titsofake.  

Every time a guy gets likes on a selfie, his pre-existing high ego is boosted even more…just what men need…bigger egos. 

Yet, when a girl gets a like on a selfie from the one guy who makes her heart flutter, she sees it as a sign that maybe, just maybe he will finally pick up his god damn phone and text her the ever-so-dreamy words “Hey wuts up”… Of course that never ends up happening because the truth is the guy probably also liked the 138,978,546,754,882 selfies other girls have posted 2 minutes before she did. 

And…when a guy gets a like by the girl he’s been crushing on, he thinks that he is one step closer to inviting her to the Pants Party.

See the difference here?

Now you may be wondering what does writing about selfies have anything to do with my blog? Well you see, it has everything to do with my blog.  The truth behind the “selfie” is to temporarily fill in the holes of our self esteem.  And yes, it is only temporary, which is exactly why we keep taking them. 

We so desperately want the approval of others based on our attractiveness.  The “selfie” provides us with that opportunity.  So my hope for you all, is that you too, can realize like I have, the number of likes you receive on a selfie should not be your only source of confidence.  Sure it can help, but when you literally depend on checking your smart phone to see who liked your newest profile picture, you may need to start soul searching, and determine your beauty for yourself.

Beauty is not determined by a simple thumbs up, favorite, or double tap.  Beauty comes from within…and that is worth way more than 100 likes.

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