Rushing a Sorority

When I think of the word “rushing” I instantly get anxious. I have heard stories about other women’s rushing experiences and I truly never knew if o was going to experience it. I am a transfer student who just entered my sophomore year at Quinnipiac. Being new I decided to go through the rushing process. I know many girls do it, but I am not the girl who always has an open mind, I tend to do what I want and stick to what is in my comfort zone, so this experience has made me grow as a person. The first day of rush was exhausting. I had to meet with 8 sororities, stand all day and was doing this process forb11 hours, not to mention my throat was on fire at the end of the day. Today is the second day. I got asked back and I am definitely excited! as someone who never thought they would even attempt to be in a sorority I’m happy I went through with it. I now only see myself growing as a person, but I may gain 180 sisters (which for me is a lot of  girls because girls aren’t easy). Even if I choose not to be in a sorority, I know I picked the right decision by choosing to rush!

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