To The People Fighting A Silent Battle: We are all in this together.

It’s quite comical to me and a rather dumb concept to think that we judge a person’s happiness and well-being off of solely their actions, feelings, appearance, and our current knowledge of them. I’m sure you have came across that cliche saying, by Wendy Mass, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” I feel that this doesn’t exactly hit home other than stressing to the reader how one should behave. I would like to challenge you to analyze yourself as you view this common issue of today’s society with an open mind.

Every morning the ringing of our alarm clocks seemingly get louder as we are forced to snap back to reality. Reality means getting out from under the covers and that comforting warm spot in your bed that seems to fit the curves of your body perfectly. Reality means wiping the crusties from your eyes as you prepare yourself for yet another day. Although, most of all, reality means coming to terms with your struggles, fears, and feelings. Of course we all love that escape from reality that sleep gives us. In fact, when life seems to get so hard and you no longer want to fight, I bet that there are more people than you can count who go to bed at night and pray that they don’t wake up the next morning. Everyone is going through something in their life that is testing their strength, and that “perfect” life doesn’t exist (I apologize if you had your mind set on this). We all take a quick glance at strangers thinking that they have everything going for them just because of how they seem to carry themselves with grace. News flash… that is exactly how you are coming off to them, yet you don’t have everything going for you, do you? Truth be told, no matter what someone’s outside appearance is telling us, every last person has something (more likely than not several things) going wrong for them.

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