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About Pam

I’m Pam Willsey, the founder of Willsey Connections and a life coach for teenage girls and their parents.  My story began when I got my masters in social work from Boston College with a goal towards empowering cancer patients and their families.  Not long thereafter, I put my masters to work at Massachusetts General Hospital as an oncology social worker where I developed several unique programs that addressed the psychosocial needs of this patient population.  Most of these programs remain intact to this day.

While at MGH, I was recruited to be the start-up Director for The Wellness Community, a comprehensive international nonprofit organization for cancer patients and their families, to the Boston area. I was responsible for the development and management of various innovative programs and services, one of which was designed to meet the unique needs of teens and children who had a parent with cancer.

In my time with MGH and The Wellness Community, I learned much about the healing and restorative power and importance of our connections.  As the mother of two now emerging adult children, I recognized the importance of not just teaching, but also living this principle.  It has been my mission to help teenage girls and their parents to develop authentic and meaningful connections with themselves and others in their world, which led me to create Willsey Connections.

My approach to coaching girls who are high school age through 20something, includes my deeply held belief that success in life requires us to understand ourselves and others, and to learn the skills necessary to manage our feelings and relationships. WC helps teenage girls develop the tools they will need to meet the challenges they will face as they transition from adolescence to independent, self-assured confident women.

Connect with Pam at pam@willseyconnections.com

About Vanessa

Hi, I’m Vanessa Calagna and through my coaching practice VRCCoaching LLC I have been coaching and mentoring young women and their families at Willsey Connections since 2014. Working with Pam and coaching young women and girls is a natural extension of both my passion and my background.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. I am also a certified Wisdom Kids Coach and a parent myself of two children.

Several years back, while co-facilitating the Grrrls Connection High School group with Pam, I became increasingly aware of my own younger children’s development.  I noticed, that around the 3rd grade, most children begin to flex their social muscles (independent of their parents) and the early seeds of their first and, sometimes, life long friendships are sown. This can be a very hard time for both kids and parents, as most kids experience hurt feelings, social exclusion and a decrease in their self-esteem, often for the very first time. . .So hard, right?

This is when I decided to launch our elementary age group, called TheKidzConnection, for girls in the 4th and 5th grades. Over the years, I have expanded my groups to meet the growing desire within our community for deeper connection and now lead a GrrrlsConnection Middle School group as well as a group for mothers-The Moms Connection

Connect with Vanessa at vanessa@thekidzconnection.com


Our Intention

Our intention is to create individual and group programs that are both innovative and evidence based and are tailored to meet the needs of each client that we serve.

Together we will create the connections that matter.

Lets Connect!