Informative resources for Parents, High schoolers and Web-based Colleges


Resources for Parents

  • Letting Go: A Parent’s Guide to Today’s College Experience

    by Karen Levin Coburn & Madge Lawrence Treeger

  • Almost Grown: Launching Your Child from High School to College

    by Patricia Pasick

  • Empty Nest, Full Heart: The Journey from Home to College

    by Andrea Van Steenhouse

  • When Kids Go to College

    by Barbara and Philip Newman

  • For Parents Only: Tips for Surviving the Journey from Homeroom to Dormroom

    by Julia Johnston and Mary Kay Shanley

  • Don’t Tell Me What to Do, Just Send Money: The Essential Parenting Guide to the College Years

    by Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller

  • Learning How to Learn: Getting into and Surviving College When You Have a Learning Disability

    by Joyanne Cobb

  • Conquer the Cost of College: The Family Guide to Paying for College

    by Elizabeth Cote, Trent Anderson, and Seppy Basili

  • A Parent’s Guide to Sex, Drugs and Flunking Out: Answers to the Questions Your College Student Doesn’t Want You to Ask

    by Joel Epstein

  • Get Free Cash for College

    by Kelly Y. Tanabe and Gen S. Tanabe

  • Parenting a Teen Girl

    by Lucie Hemmen

Resources for High School Seniors

  • Chicken Soup for the College Soul

    by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Kimberly Kirberger, and Dan Clark

  • Been There, Should Have Done That

    by Suzette Tyler

  • 101 Things a College Girl Should Know, from a Big Sister Who’s Been There

    by Stephanie Edwards

  • The Real Freshman Handbook: A Irreverent and Totally Honest Guide to Life on Campus

    by Jennifer Hanson

  • Money Management for College Students

    by Larry Burkett

  • Real Life Begins After High School: Facing the Future Without Freaking Out

    by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz

  • Get Off My Brain: A Survival Guide for Lazy Students

    by Randall McCutcheon and Pete Wagner

  • College 101: A Girl’s guide to Freshman Year

    by Julie Zilinger

  • 5 Must Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl

    by Lauren P. Salamone

  • The Her Campus Guide to College Life

    by Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western, and the Writers & Editors of Her Campus The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide by Lucie Hemmen

  • The Secrets of College Success (Second Edition)

    by Lynn F. Jacobs and Jeremy S. Hyman