Living With Anxiety

I always believed nothing in the world was worse than having anxiety. There is nothing like a panic attack, where you cannot breathe, your body has chills and you are shaking. I am no doctor, but I am definitely an expert when it comes to anxiety. I have been to multiple therapists, (I did not good vibes from all of them), and multiple psychiatrists. Getting anxiety at eight years old was life changing. It kept me from sleepovers, eating certain foods and missing out on experiences like concerts because the anxiety and anticipation was constantly on my mind.

            Anxiety has not always been a constant in my life. During middle school and throughout high school, my anxiety was on and off.  It was certainly on when I had major changes or new experiences in my life. Now as I am in college, it is usually always on, I have found a therapist, I have Pam, and an amazing support group, as well as medicine that I take daily.

            Over the last ten years, I have learned that no one will ever understand my experience. Each person’s anxiety is unique, and different treatments work for different people.  Yes, everyone has generalized anxiety, and it can be frustrating when people who do not have it to the affect I do complain about being anxious for a test. I do have sympathy for everyone, but anxiety can be much worse. I am thankful that working out, reading books and playing Tetris helps me manage my anxiety, and that 9/10 times I can handle my anxiety without taking additional medicine to calm me down.

            I have realized that anxiety makes me the person I am today. Yes, I worry constantly. But I have learned that everyone has something, and that I always get through anxiety. I hope that you come to a place where you know that you will too.

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