Mid-Year Reflections

By Corrine Downey

How have I grown in the past year?

I feel like I started the year strong. I was feeling respected and optimistic when trying to grow this new branch in my life. I was confident with my abilities and was creating opportunities to fulfill my purpose. As the year progressed, about mid-way through the year, weeds grew throughout my roots as I became resentful and withdrawn from important pillars of my life. I started struggling, feeling like I was stuck in the mud. I noticed that I developed a cloud of negativity and anxiety. My relationships began to suffer, and my relationship with myself suffered most of all. During one of the toughest periods of my life, I recognized I needed guidance. I felt provoked to find the tools that could help me navigate my way in life. What I have learned throughout the remainder of the year has helped me maneuver through these ever-shifting systems. These tools take refining, patience, and effort but have improved many, if not all, aspects of my life. What I continue to practice and have learned so far is:

  • How to communicate my truths to find solutions, if not, create boundaries.
  • Knowing there are things that are out of my control
  • How to create peace and quiet in chaotic moments
  • How to have a kinder inner voice using the Paradigm Shift Tool

Being able to practice these tools in everyday life has shifted my mindset. I’ve learned that it is okay to not be okay, give yourself grace in those moments. I try not to let the negativity cloud what I can learn or take away from a situation, instead, I appreciate the teaching moments. I work hard to acknowledge the small victories. I embrace change and growth, without it, there is no transformation. This year I have learned to show up for myself. I have grown more confident when speaking my truth. I have grown less fearful of change and new challenges. I have grown more excited to navigate my life by practicing methods that foster positivity and self-growth. I have grown more powerful and happy using my sense of self.

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