Real Deal Girls Project: Meet Hilary!

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Meet Hilary, of the Real Deal Girls Project. She’ll graduate with a  degree in Forensic Science from Mercy College in 2019.  Here’s a quick interview to give you a bit of insight into our work and also “tips from those in the know” for girls heading off to school in the fall!

Favorite thing about your Freshman Year:

My favorite part of my freshman year was getting to dorm!

Toughest thing about your Freshman Year:

The toughest thing for me about my freshman year was finals week, having to stay up to study late into the night for multiple tests!

What You Wish You Knew Heading Into College:

Here’s what I wish I knew on move-in day:  THAT ITS NOT AS HARD AS EVERYONE SAYS IT WILL BE, if you stay on task!

Words of Wisdom for Other Real Deal Girls in Our Growing Community:

They say college isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy expanding your horizons, getting to know different people & learning more about who you want to become in the near future … College is for you! Don’t let anyone discourage you to think differently.

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