11 Things That Piss Me Off

1. “The thing that really grinds my gears is when people are flat out rude to you for no reason.  I wonder why they think they need to drop their emotional baggage onto me even though I did nothing wrong.  Why must people bring me down when all I am being is myself?  They need to check themselves before they wreck themselves (and others people!). There is no justifiable reason to be rude to others, so why do people do it anyway?” –Erin, 162. “What really irritates me is when people don’t tie their laces and then they drag. I get it, sometimes it’s cute or you’re lazy but it’s just impractical. Do you really want to lose the element of surprise when you enter a room because of your inability to knot some strings?” -Kakazi, 163. “I’m really irritated when people are inconsiderate. I realize that being inconsiderate is a large umbrella term and a lot of examples fit under it — but it really bothers me when people don’t think through how their actions might affect others. Whether it be flaking on plans,  leaving behind a mess, or forgetting to follow through on promises. I really appreciate people who think of others first and put others before themselves from time to time and I struggle with those who are consistently selfish and therefore inconsiderate of others.” -Sofia, 194. “It pisses me off when people choose not to use minimal effort to help other people. When my hands are full and you can see I’m struggling, please hold the door for me. Remember to say please and thank you. It’s so easy and it makes everyone’s day better.” –Samantha, 185. “One thing that really pisses me off is people who cannot be happy for their friends. An important part of friendship is supporting and celebrating your friends’ accomplishments. If you are jealous, recognize that your friends are not responsible for those feelings and process them on your own. Don’t act out and make your friends feel bad for sharing their successes.” -Zoe, 19 6. “I get so annoyed when people talk over me. There is no need to interrupt anyone! Just wait your turn to speak, just as I did when you were the one speaking. I don’t want to feel as though my thoughts aren’t as important as yours. Be a little more patient when it comes to conversations – you’ll get the words in eventually.”Chloe, 17 7. “Something that boils my water is when girls slut shame each other. We are all self conscious and we all have our insecurities. So what if some of us can be confident in ourselves and want to show off a little? It makes me so mad when girls call each other ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’ because it is so degrading. Slut shaming is the reason for why girls are afraid to express themselves. You can’t expect others girls to respect you unless you have some respect them.” -Caroline, 15 8. “One thing that aggravates me is when people brag excessively and put others down. It’s nice to feel proud about yourself, but why do people feel the need to detract from others’ confidence? It’s almost as if they are trying to compensate for their insecurities by  making others feel badly about themselves. Instead of constantly tearing others down, we should focus on being supportive.” -Victoria, 16 9. “Something that frustrates me is when someone won’t commit to making plans ahead of time. When someone constantly says, “I might be free I’ll let you know an hour beforehand” it feels like they are waiting for better plans to come along and you are just a second choice. It wastes my time and hurts my feelings. If you value a friendship, you have to take the time to show your friends that you care about them and you are committed to your relationship.” -Olivia, 17 10. “One thing that really pisses me off is people who get defensive when faced with a conflict. It is understandable that someone would not want to be wrong in a situation, but there is no reason, when confronted with an issue, to immediately attack back and deny everything. I have been involved in many situations where friends have done something hurtful, but will not accept that they were wrong. They instantly try to defend themselves and do not admit to their mistakes.”Julia, 17 11. “Something that gets me worked up is when people reach out for help and advice from you, but they never lend you an ear when you need to vent or need insight on your own issues. When someone is helping you, don’t ever forget to ask how she is doing, because even though your life may be hard at that moment, her life could be in shambles and you don’t even know it.” -Hilary, 21 


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