Overcoming Fear By Managing My Mind

By: Annonymous

My biggest fear, the thing I was hoping would never happen, it happened.

Throughout this whole pandemic I have done everything I have been told to, and I would say I have probably taken more precautions than most sixteen-year-olds. Whether that’s wearing a mask or even two masks, washing my hands and using hand sanitizer (an obnoxious amount), or only hanging out with one friend. I still ended up getting COVID. It just goes to show that even the people that try their best to protect themselves and others at the end of the day, might end up getting it. April 1st, also April fool’s day, I remember when my mom told me my test came back positive. My jaw dropped, my face turned white, and I laughed. She wasn’t kidding though, I had COVID. I felt fine and probably wouldn’t even have thought anything of it if we weren’t in a pandemic.

I think the worst part of getting it was that I didn’t have any human interaction for ten days, and the fact that I couldn’t smell or taste anything. I used these ten days to work on myself. I used it as a time to relax and get to know myself even better, catch up on work, and do lots of online shopping.

At the end of it all I was fine, and I am here today writing this, proof that I walked through my biggest fear and I am okay. As if the pandemic didn’t teach us this enough, this time in quarantine also taught me to appreciate the little things even more. I try living everyday now not just looking forward to the weekend but the highs and lows that come with the week. I remind myself that sometimes it’s just poor timing of being in the wrong place, and we can only control the controllables and we can’t control the people around us.

So, I choose to learn to accept that instead of worrying about it! 

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