Real Deal Girls Project: Meet Lauren!

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Meet Lauren Levey, of the Real Deal Girls Project.  She’s a pre-med student at Quinnipiac University and will graduate in 2018.  Here’s a quick interview to give you a bit of insight into our work and also “tips from those in the know” for girls heading off to school in the fall!

Favorite thing about freshman year:

Making friends with people who I probably wouldn’t have in high school,  but helped me become a better me.  To this day, I value their friendship.

Worst thing about freshman year:

Going into my freshman year, I had a boyfriend and he made it difficult at school.  I knew Union college wasn’t the right fit(I transferred) but he made it harder and I started to go home every weekend.   It definitely altered our experience.

What I wish I knew going into college:

I wish I knew that it is ok to not love the school I chose,  and to transfer. I felt like a burden to my family when I wanted to transfer. I saw all my friends “having fun” but ultimately it wasn’t all perfection and if you aren’t happy, take the initiative and make a change…  even if it’s hard.

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