Summer Update and Fall Groups

It’s hard to believe that fall is in full swing! Our summer programs (Intergenerational COVID Connection, The Kidz Connection, and The Grrrls Connection Middle School groups) were beyond successful, reaching so many girls virtually all over the country.

One group that I’m particularly proud of is the Intergenerational COVID Connection (ICC). Working with a local senior assisted living facility, high school and college girls connected with the facility’s residents on shared interests and mutual COVID experiences. The girls also connected with one another, supporting each other during some trying times in an emerging adult’s life. One participant reflected on the group: “Being able to form a connection with someone in this home was really cool because we got to learn about their life and experiences from two generations ago. I think it’s also nice how there was so much to learn from them, and how they can pass down their stories. I would definitely want to do something like this again because not only did we get to connect with our senior partners, we got to know other girls in the group and gain very insightful advice about different situations that we might be in.”

This summer was the busiest summer we’ve ever had, as many girls were looking for more connection and support. The pandemic has highlighted how a life coach can really provide the guidance and support to confidently face difficult challenges. I regularly work with my clients to develop social and emotional skills for their toolbox: a mental resource based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, emotional agility, positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques. These skills, combined with a newfound awareness, give my clients the ability to manage their minds now and in the future. 

My business model has always been about expanding and adapting to meet the needs of my clients. Now, more than ever, we are all in need of strong connections with ourselves and others in our world. The Grrrls Connection high school, middle school and our Kidz Connection for fourth and fifth graders are the biggest groups we’ve had and completely filled before school began! With requests to include a group for the college-age girls, we’re heading into the busiest fall, too.

If you have or know a teen or college-age girl who could benefit from individual life coaching, please connect with me to see what a game changer life coaching can be.

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