That Space & Time Will Be of Little Importance

We knew that we only had eight more weeks until I graduated and he finished his sophomore year.  We started dating anyway, and it was perfect.  We tried not to discuss the future, trying to live as in-the-moment as possible.  We knew that once I graduated, he would be headed back to his home on the west coast for the summer and I would be in Boston.  Once he got back to school on the east coast, I would be headed out west for at least the next few years.  Anyway we spun it we were looking at at least 2 years of long distance.  We decided to take the plunge together.

I visited him in his hometown that first summer.  One rainy day we went to the local Art Gallery.  We skeptically entered this dark room with what seemed like a bunch of junk just lying around.  There were old lamps, books, and dolls.  A retro record player was blaring the sound of a man talking to a woman.  The whole exhibit was scary and I just wanted to get out of there as soon as I could.  As we were nearing the end of the room, he noticed an old mailbox labeled “wish box.”  There was a pad of paper and a pen with instructions to write down a wish and place it in the box.  He sat down and contemplated for a while, neither of us speaking a word.  Then without hesitation he started writing in big block letters words that I’ve never forgotten.

That space and time will be of little importance.

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