How I Used My Breath to Let Go of My Pain

Moving on after a break up can be hard, but it’s especially difficult if you have to see that person everyday. I found that the first few days were absolutely the worst. Every Time I saw “him,” I either felt like talking to him or crying, but I also knew that I had to restrain myself. I spent days wallowing in my sadness and pain but that got me nowhere. It was also clear that it wasn’t helping me feel any better. All i could think about was, “where did I go wrong,” and “what can I do to fix this.”

I soon realized that these questions just ended up making me feel worse.

At some point I realized that it takes time to heal from a broken heart. At first, I just needed to sit with the sadness and other feelings that accompany a loss.

Eventually though, I discovered that I needed to let go of the past in order to move forward in my life. This may sound odd, but one day I decided to take out all of the pictures of us that I had, and I also reread many of the texts that we shared. When I was looking through all of these memories, I actually began to smile. I found that this process helped me to really appreciate all of the good times that we shared together, and although it was great while it lasted, it was also time to move on. When I finished looking through all of the memories, I closed my eyes and thought about the two of us. I took a deep breathe in, and as I exhaled, I let go of the thoughts that I had been holding on to about him. I needed to let go in order to move forward. I began to replace these thoughts with focusing more on myself, my family, and my friends. While I know that it will take some time to  fully embrace the loss of what was, I also feel sure that every heart can heal and I am doing what I can do to mend mine.

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